Top 5 Useful Apps for Pet Owners

Today, the developers of mobile software offer owners of dogs, cats and other pets dozens of tracking apps for pet. We tested the most popular of the free programs and compiled a list of the most useful of them. 

11pets: Pet Care 

The main, but not the only useful feature of 11pets is saving your pet’s medical history. With the touch of a button on their mobile device, the owner can show their pet’s complete medical records, including X-rays and lab results, to the veterinarian, making it easier to make a diagnosis. 

In addition, the app keeps track of schedules for vaccinations, de-worming, bathing and other procedures.
The app will promptly notify the owner when the pet needs to be injected or taken to the doctor for a scheduled check-up.
11pets records important vital signs, such as weight and temperature, as well as information about all the specialists treating your pet.
The tracking app is able to store data about several pets at once, regardless of the species: whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit or other animal, and also calculate the cost of their care.
The app is free for Android and iOS devices, and the developers have not even introduced advertising into it. 

Dogo – Train Your Dog 

Designed to help train dogs, the app includes about 100 step-by-step online training sessions, complete with illustrations. When the owner successfully completes the tasks, he presses a clicker button. The animal should perceive the sound as a reward and memorize it along with the learned command. As the description of the program explains, the clicker sound is specific, so puppy will only hear it during training as a praise for correct actions and will not confuse it with anything else. 

Users of the app can share achievements or pictures of their pets with other owners, as well as rate other animals. 

Dogsy – Let’s take a dog to visit 

A useful service in Russian which will help you find a place for your dog when the owner is away. By accessing geolocation, the app provides a choice of all the offers nearby, and the user sees not only the price for the dog sitter’s services, but also the reviews of other pet owners about his work. The owner of the dog can book the favorite option for the desired dates and go on vacation or a business trip, receiving daily photocalls with a happy pet. Dogsy has a new “Walking” service on the horizon. 


The app offers pet owners free online advice from experts, from training tips to vet recommendations. The program contains an extensive database of useful materials and frequently asked questions with detailed answers. Users can access a chat room where they can ask questions around the clock and get information from the experts. 

Minus PetCoach – the application is only available in English. 


The service will come in handy for lovers of trips with pets. The application contains more than 250,000 hotels, restaurants and other places around the world where travelers will be allowed to bring their pets. After entering information about the direction of the route the user can choose a hotel by price, rating and location, and book the favorite option. Confirmation of the reservation will come right away.