Animal Trackers: How to Use Them

Company “mSpy” offers to buy GPS / GLONASS tracker for animals, which will always be aware of the location of pets or farm animals. Even if the animal is far from home, you can always find it thanks to the tracker. Please contact our experts and you will help you choose the best option in terms of performance and a good price.


What is a GPS / GLONASS animal tracker

Tracker, which is attached to the collar of the animal and transmits the owner the exact coordinates of its location, received from GPS / GLONASS satellites. The tracker app can work in beacon mode, transmitting SMS-message with the coordinates, or using the application, when the owner can see the location of the pet on the map. The main difference between the tracker for animals from the usual – in the mandatory presence of the collar attachment, some models are even equipped with its own collar.

Who can use GPS / GLONASS trackers for animals.

Owners of pets and farm animals. GPS / GLONASS tracker for dogs will be especially useful for owners of hunting dogs, which can easily go too far in pursuit of game.

Tracker Features

  • Track the location of the animal in real time with an accuracy of up to 1 m;
  • Facilitating farm animal tracking and retrieval;
  • Ability to quickly find a stolen or escaped animal.
  • What’s included
  • SIM-card;
  • GPS/GLONASS satellite signal receiver;
  • Transmitter to send data via SMS or GPS connection;
  • Internal memory for storing data;
  • External or built-in antenna;
  • Battery.

How does the GPS/GLONASS tracker for animals work

Operation is possible in 2 modes:

Beacon mode. In this case, the tracker turns on for a few minutes at specified intervals, determines the location by GPS / GLONASS satellites and transmits information to the owner via SMS.

After that the tracker is turned off until the next scheduled turn on. In this mode the beacon is able to work up to 2 years without needing to replace batteries.

Tracker mode, or constant operation. In this case, the tracker is constantly on and reports the location of the animal every few minutes.

The owner can track the coordinates and route of movement through a special application for the smartphone.