GPS Collar for Dogs and Cats

What is a GPS Collar?

A GPS collar is a collar for pets with a GPS tracker attached to it, which is a small portable device to locate your pet. The purpose of such a gadget – to ensure the safety of your pet, even if he is lost. Thanks to the collar, with a GPS tracker attached to it, you can always locate your pet.

GPS collar for dogs consists of two components: the collar itself and a portable GPS tracker. The collar has a special mount for the tracker. Collar with GPS navigator allows you to determine the coordinates of the pet with an accuracy of 5 to 30 meters. This is enough to exactly find your pet in case of loss.

Why do I need a collar with a GPS navigator?

It is not uncommon to see an ad: Lost pet! For every 1 million pets, about 10,000 are lost every year. Statistics show that only 20% of lost pets are ever found.

Walking a pet on the street, each owner worries that his or her four-legged friend is not lost. There are situations in life when a beloved dog or cat ran away from home, or it happened while walking the pet, or something else contributed to the loss of the pet. At times, it is impossible for a pet to find its way back on its own. Today there is a solution to this problem, called: GPS Collar for Dogs and GPS Collar for Cats. These collars are good for your pet’s daily life. A collar with a GPS navigator will keep your pet from getting lost.

Is a GPS collar for a dog or a GPS collar for a cat really necessary?

It would seem that the dog has a keen sense of smell and should always find his way home by himself. But unfortunately that does not always happen. Sometimes, if the dog gets carried away chasing a cat, another dog or someone else, it will get so carried away that it will run away from you for miles. What if you’re outdoors or walking your dog far from your home? If you take your dog out hunting. Anything can happen there: an unexpected shot, the volume of which sometimes scares the dog and he can run away with fright, the chase of a game and other cases. Don’t overestimate a dog’s natural sense of smell. Sometimes it may not be enough to return to the owner or home.

As for the cat? And they, unfortunately, are lost even more often than dogs. It is not for nothing they say that a cat likes to walk by itself. And in the case of a cat, there are more cases where it runs away purposefully. True, then the domestic cat wants to return to a warm home, to their beloved owners, but often it is not under the power of a cat.

How a collar with a GPS navigator works

The principle of the GPS collar for dogs is very simple. It is based on the transmission of coordinates to the owner of the pet with the GPS tag, located in the collar. GPS Tag is equipped with a SIM card format mini, which sends the GPS data of the location of the pet to a smartphone, tablet or computer owner. Internet connection signal is used the weakest – 2G. 2G catches almost everywhere (it does not require a high level of internet signal) and will transmit coordinates from almost any corner; it is cheap and energy-consuming (allows you to use the collar with a GPS navigator without recharging for a long time). The coordinates of the location of your dog or cat come to a special program (application) installed on your smartphone or other gadget.

Depending on the app and the GPS collar you use, the pet’s owner will be able to see either only the pet’s coordinates in real time or the pet’s travel history. That is, you can trace the route your pet took and see where he is in real time.