GPS Tracker Collar for Dogs iPet Tracker

iPet Tracker is a miniature GPS tracker collar for dogs and other pets, which allows you to determine their location. You can buy the GPS tracker iPet Tracker in our company in a complete package with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Wearing a pet GPS tracker collar iPet Tracker, you can monitor his movements using a tablet or smartphone. This way your pet is guaranteed not to get lost in the city or in nature!

Review of the GPS tracker for dogs iPet Tracker

The iPet tracker is a compact GPS module in a bright orange color and is designed to be attached to the collar. Despite its small size, it fits almost any pet – from a kitten to a large breed of dog.
Another feature of the iPet tracker is its high moisture resistance. Before bathing, it is better to remove the GPS tracker for the dog, but neither rain nor wet grass will damage it.
GPS tracker iPet for the dog is charged through a USB port on the side of the device. The connector is protected by an elastic cover to protect against moisture.

Information about the location of the tracker is transmitted to a special mobile application iPet tracker (the price of the application is included in the price of the device). There are iOS and Android versions of the application.

How does iPet GPS tracker work?

The iPet tracker locates your dog or other collared animal using GPS or a mobile network:

  • A SIM card is used to transmit data (the kit comes with an MTS card with a balance of 40 rubles). Daily use of the tracker costs 1 p.20 cents, you can recharge the card by any convenient way.
  • When you launch the iPet tracker application, you make a call to the number of the SIM card installed in the device. In response to the call the application sends a message with the tracker coordinates.
  • The accuracy of GPS positioning is 2.5 m in open areas.
  • In the absence of GPS signal cell towers are used for positioning. In this case, the search accuracy in the countryside is about 1 km, and in urban areas – 100-200m.

The interval of positioning can be from 30 seconds and more. The shorter the intervals between positioning, the easier to locate the lost pet, but the faster the battery drains the tracker.

How do I use the GPS Collar Tracker iPet tracker?

In order to locate your dog or other pet via GPS to be as accurate, reliable and effective as possible, the iPet tracker must be properly attached and set up:

  • The GPS tracker clip is attached to the collar of your dog or other pet before use. The clip design allows the tracker to be securely attached to collars up to 25 mm wide. For more accurate positioning, the iPet tracker should preferably be placed at the top of the collar.
  • The first time you start the tracker, you should leave it on for up to 1 hour to determine your current location. Since the device goes into power-saving mode after 3 minutes of inactivity, it is advisable to move it while determining coordinates.
  • The iPet tracker application is downloaded to the smartphone or tablet.
  • After turning on the application, the owner should enter the menu tab “Device” and enter the identification number of the tracker. The identification code can be scanned from the casing to simplify the procedure.
  • Owners of several pets can monitor up to 15 trackers simultaneously in one office.
  • In the settings, you choose the interval for updating information about the location of the iPet tracker (from 30 sec. to 60 min.).

Information about the movement of pets from the iPet tracker is stored in the cloud storage. The storage period is 3 years.

Use the iPet tracker pet tracker and you will be able to find your lost pet much faster!