GPS Tracker for Dogs

Statistics are disappointing: if your pet is lost, the chances of finding him are becoming less and less every day. That is why it is so important to ensure the safety of the pet during the walk. Technology does not stand still, and one of the most modern devices is a special GPS tracker for dogs. How does it work and who needs it?

The tracker for dogs is a small beacon device, which allows not only to track the location of the animal, but also to determine the trajectory of its movement, the distance traveled, etc.

Who can use it?

GPS tracker for dogs is gaining popularity every day. It will be appreciated by both owners of city pets, and those who live out of town – there is no difference. But it is especially loved by hunters: the device allows you to track the movement of hounds even in the most remote areas.
However, the GPS tracker is useful not only for owners of dogs: it is often purchased by farmers – for example, to control the cattle on the walk.

How it works

The GPS tracker is similar to a cell phone: it has a SIM-chip, which uses cellular signals. The device receives information about the coordinates of the location and transmits data from the satellite system to a smartphone, tablet or computer of the owner.

Advantages of GPS tracker:

  1. Typically, the tracker weighs no more than 40 g. The compact and lightweight device is easy to attach to the collar. It is not difficult to choose a collar with a tracker: there are models aimed at both miniature and large dogs.
  2. Charge duration. Good devices are able to go without recharging for a long time.
  3. Ease of use. The tracker communicates with your smartphone through an app that can be installed on a tablet or smartphone with any operating system.
  4. Most trackers offer not only the function of locating your dog, but also tracking their activity, exercise and even health status. You can set up the gadget to remind you of vaccinations, haircuts, etc.
  5. SOS button. If your dog is lost or something has happened to him, the people around him can signal the owner.
  6. Water resistance. There are models that are not afraid of rain or snow, or even immersion in water.
  7. Control of large territories. Thanks to the highly developed system of cellular towers, the GPS navigator is almost unlimited in range. Although it is worse at determining the location in areas with a poor cellular signal.

What to pay attention to?

Choosing the model of GPS tracker for the dog, the owner of the pet should be very careful: after all, it is quite a complex device, which requires careful analysis before buying.

  • If your pet loves all kinds of water bodies, rivers and ponds, pay attention to waterproof models.
  • Choose a model that suits the pet’s weight. This is especially true for owners of miniature pets or, on the contrary, very large. If the first will be disturbed by an unsuitable gadget, the latter can simply lose the small tracker.
  • It is not recommended to choose a model, focusing only on the price. Alas, cheap devices can quickly break down. At the same time, the wide functionality of expensive models often remains unclaimed.
  • Sometimes it is important not only to keep track of the dog, but also to be able to hear the person who will find the pet in case of loss. In this case, it is worth paying attention to models with the ability to communicate with the owner.