GPS Tracker How to Use?

GPS tracker how to use?

To track the current location of the object it is recommended to use special technical devices – GPS trackers. These are gadgets that allow you to monitor in real time the movement of animals, cars or other objects. On the market there are many modifications, differing in appearance, functionality, method of connection and control. Regardless of this, GPS tracker is necessary to maintain security.

Where is the GPS tracker used?

Such a gadget is necessary for different spheres:

  • To track the movements of animals. In this case, a GPS collar is used. The device is attached to the neck. GPS tracker is used for different animals – for pets (dogs, cats or other pets), for large animals – sheep, horses, cows in the agricultural industry. Such gadgets have a high level of accuracy, as well as transmit information about the current location to a smartphone.
  • To track the movement of the car. To prevent theft, GPS trackers or beacons are installed to track the current location of the vehicle. Such a technical product allows you to track the route and speed of the car in real time. Most modern models of trackers are installed under the dashboard, because they need to be connected to the onboard network.

In addition, GPS trackers are used to track the movement of a child, the elderly. Technical gadgets can be equipped with SOS button. But the most popular sphere of application is equipping cars.

How does a GPS tracker work?

The basic principle of operation is based on GPS monitoring. The technical product determines the coordinates with the help of such system and after a certain time transmits the information to the central server. The server’s GPS system has software that allows you to display the path in the form of points or stripes on the map.

Location tracking is performed using a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the Internet GPRS/EDGE. The data are transmitted via satellite. 

In the absence of Internet access can be programmed to send an emergency SMS message.

How to choose the right GPS tracker?

It is recommended to give preference to certified models, which have a quality technical component.