How to Choose a Smart GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats?

A GPS tracker for animals is one of the “smart” devices that allow you to remotely locate your pets. This device will help to locate a dog that ran away during a walk, or to find a cat that climbed into the basement or attic. The GPS tracker will be a useful device for dog hunters. Wearing a collar with a sensor on the hunting dog, its owner will be able to correctly determine the direction of movement and distance to it. Let’s take a closer look at this useful device: the features provided, the factors of choice, the rating of the most popular models.

How does the GPS tracker for animals work?

In essence, the tracker is a mobile transmitting device that has a positioning module in the GPS or GLONASS system.

Receiving a satellite signal, it sets its location, transmitting the coordinates to the pet owner. They are received by a special console chartplotter, or a mobile device with a program installed on it.
The data is transmitted via GSM communication channel or with the help of radio waves. Thanks to this, theoretically, you can track the location of the pet with a collar tracker from anywhere in the world. Only if it was in the range of global positioning satellites and was able to receive cellular signals. Some versions have a built-in speaker, through which the owner can send commands to the pet. For example, when the dog has gone too far away on a walk or hunt, he can order him to go back.

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Different modifications of GPS trackers are equipped with a different set of functions. With their help you can:

  • Determine the exact location of the animal.
  • Trace the path of his movements over the past time.
  • To give voice commands, being from an animal at a great distance.
  • Using the “SOS” function, people who find a lost pet will be able to inform its owner.
  • Set the boundaries of the pet’s walking territory. When crossing this virtual boundary, the smart device will alert the owner.

In general, the use of a GPS tracker for pets can increase their safety, reducing the likelihood of their loss during walks.

Basic parameters when choosing a GPS tracker for a pet

The very first such devices that appeared on the market of smart equipment were the usual radio collars. They came with a remote control, which received a radio signal from a sensor built into the collar. Such models had a limited range, depending on distance and obstructions such as houses or terrain.

A further step in the development of trackers, was the appearance of models with GSM-module, which significantly expanded their range. Modern devices allow you to receive data about the location of the pet directly on your mobile device – smartphone or laptop. The trackers themselves became smaller and lighter, not causing discomfort even to young kittens.

GPS tracker with collar for animals dogs and cats

Pet GPS Tracker

When choosing a device for tracking a pet, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of parameters. There are modifications on the market designed specifically for cats and for dogs. Collars for cats with a sensor are small in size, and are designed primarily for determining the location of the pet.

Trackers for dogs come in two varieties:

  • A full-fledged GPS collar for a dog, with an electronic module built into it. It can not only transmit the coordinates of the dog’s location, but also serve to keep him on a leash.

In addition, when choosing a tracking device for the pet, it is advisable to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The method of transmitting a signal with a coordinate: wireless or via GSM.
  • The level of the signal, the range of its action.
  • The presence of built-in memory, allowing you to track the path of the animal.
  • The need to purchase a special SIM card.
  • The presence in the design of a special SMS-chip.
  • The presence/absence of SOS alarm button.
  • The level of protection of the device from moisture, dust, mechanical damage.
  • The possibility of giving voice commands, or setting two-way communication.
  • The duration of operation of the device without additional recharging.

Features of choosing a GPS collar for hunting dogs

On today’s market, there is a large selection of GPS dog collars positioned as a special design for hunting dogs. They, like other trackers, have great differences in the functionality offered.

Therefore, when choosing them, experts advise paying special attention to several factors:

  • Signal reception device. In difficult taiga or field conditions, the most practical option would be to transmit the signal to a special remote control than to a smartphone. Such receiving and transmitting remotes are more resistant to external aggressive influences: to dampness, to shocks, to contamination.
  • Operating range. When choosing a device working through the GSM-module, the range will be limited only by the cellular network coverage area. When buying a tracker with radio communication, it is necessary to consider the maximum range of the signal. The figures indicated in the technical specifications, in fact, may be much more modest. The range of the radio signal in the forest will be much less than in the field, due to the interference created by trees.
  • The level of protection from dust and moisture. Being in the bosom of the wilderness involves much more external loads on the tracker. This is possible bumps, contact with water when it rains, or when the dog is overcoming water obstacles, dust and dirt. Therefore, for the dog hunting should choose a device with the highest level of protection of electronic components.
  • Voice Command Capability. With the built-in speaker in the collar, the hunter can call back the dog, too removed in a burst of hunting excitement. Also, a specially trained hunting dog will be able to perform other actions with this remote control.

Mobile applications that support GPS-tracker data

To be able to remotely monitor the movement of your pet via your smartphone, you need to install a special mobile application. With its help the signals received from the GPS tracker for pets will be converted and displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.
For different modifications of trackers, manufacturers produce their own mobile applications, which allow you to use all the capabilities of the device to the fullest extent. For example, for the Tractive GPS collar line, a special Tractive GPS PetFinder app was created.

It gives the user the following features:

  • Locate the animal’s location.
  • See their movement history.
  • Set up a virtual restraining zone.

Mobile apps for other modifications provide similar functionality. For example, Futureway is the Future gps app for collars, and Amazin Locator is for the GLONASS tracker line of the same name. As a rule, all mobile applications are freely available in the online stores GooglePlay or AppStore, respectively for smartphones running on Android and iOs. Some of them are compatible with each other, allowing you to track devices of a different manufacturer. But, for proper operation, it is still better to install the application that is recommended by the manufacturer of the GPS device.

Popular models of trackers for dogs and cats

Let’s consider several modifications of trackers that are most popular among pet owners.
GPS tracker for dogs and cats Hadog
Hadog collars are designed for both dogs and cats. Information about the movement and whereabouts of the pet is transmitted to the owner’s smartphone via GSM-connection. To pair the tracker with a mobile device uses a special application in Russian, which is freely available.

Among the main advantages of the device can be listed:

  • High degree of protection from moisture and dust.
  • The ability to determine the location of the pet to within 1 meter.
  • Compact size – 5 x 3 x 1 cm, which allows you to use the device for cats and small dogs.
  • Ability to remotely turn off / on the function of GPS, which allows you to extend the life on a single battery charge up to 7 days.

Tractive. GPS tracker for pets

Compact, versatile tracker designed for pets of all sizes – from a kitten to a large dog. Allows you to use your mobile device to determine precisely where your pet is, as well as track his movements. The app for installation on your smartphone is freely available, but to make it work, you must pay a subscription fee. The cost of the annual basic tariff is 3.5 thousand, and the premium – 4.2 thousand rubles.

After that, the owner of the tracker is able to control his pet in 150 countries around the world, without charging additional fees for roaming. Therefore, the purchase of this device will be extremely beneficial for those who like to travel a lot with their dog or cat. The cost of the tracker itself is from 3 to 4 thousand rubles, not including the tariff fee.

Tractive TRDOG1 GPS tracker for dogs

GSM-tracker created by the Austrian manufacturer Tractive, specifically for medium and large breeds of dogs. It attaches to the collar, and is activated using the Tractive GPS PetFinder app. The data transmitted to the owner’s smartphone is updated every 3 seconds. The device not only allows you to track the pet’s location, but also to see the distance covered by it for the day, to establish a “virtual fence”.

  • The size of the device is 7 x 3 x 1.6 cm.
  • Weight – 110g.
  • Operating temperature range – from -20 to +55oC.
  • The device will work for 2 days without recharging the battery.
  • The price is 4-5 thousand rubles.


In general, GPS-trackers are a great solution for owners of cats and dogs. With their help, you can not only track their whereabouts in real time, but also receive alarm messages when he leaves the set “safety zone”. This significantly reduces the likelihood of its loss, which saves the owner a lot of nerves and energy spent on the search.