Missing Dog – Help to Find!

Missing dog – help to find! How to find a dog if he ran away?

Dogs are not cats – they are not inclined to run away from home. Still, no one is safe from the loss of a pet. Theft, fright, unfortunate coincidence – and you do not know where to look for your favorite dog. Do not panic – there are always ways to help the case.

Wait or not to wait: what to do

Animals are intelligent creatures, so they find their own way home. Another thing is that you can wait a long time, and the dog will never return. Therefore, this option can be considered as a backup. If the dog is missing, it is advisable to immediately begin an active search:

  1. Remain calm and think about where you can find the dog. Act carefully, unemotionally.
  2. Choose a good time – night, evening or early morning. When city life calms down, the animal will come out of hiding.
  3. Check hiding places – if the dog is scared, lost, it will hide. These can be attics, basements, areas under stairs.
  4. Ask around – acquaintances, neighbours, random passers-by in the area of the alleged loss. Don’t forget to bring a photo.
  5. Ask for help – include friends, acquaintances, and volunteers who care.
  6. Place baits near the house – for example, bowls of food. The method is bad because it attracts hungry people.
  7. Post ads, make publications in social networks – the theory of five handshakes works.
    Take photos of your dog beforehand, they’ll help with the search. If you chip your dog, you’ll make it even easier.

How we can help you

The search for a pet on your own will not always be successful, but professionals with an understanding of the psychology of dogs will be able to help you. Zoo-psychologists on preliminary request will prepare for the search – they will interview you, neighbours, and other people, draw up a psychological portrait of your escaped pet, and work out a plan of actions. Then the search can begin.

All ways to find a runaway dog – to survey the area, interview neighbors, acquaintances, post ads, give information to groups in social networks. Information searches are standard for 2 weeks, the sooner you ask for help, the better. The cost of calling a specialist with a survey of the territory and search work – may cost from 1500 depending on the day of the week, time of day, remoteness of the object.