What Functions GPS Collars Have

Location is the main and therefore most important feature for locating your dog or cat. Every GPS collar has this feature, but the only difference is how they display the location – either on the app on your phone or on the handheld transmitter. Collars also vary in range. A GPS collar has a maximum range of 30 km from the radio. GSP collars that work on a GSM signal have an unlimited range, working anywhere there is coverage of the operator’s GSM network.

Virtual Fence

Most GPS collars and locators have a useful feature called virtual fencing. On the radio or mobile app, you simply set up the zone as a circle, square, or completely manually. If your dog leaves this zone, the device will send a notification with a warning about crossing this zone. You can set up several such zones. Thus you can easily monitor the movement of your dog.

Number of dogs connected to the GPS system

Some devices are designed to track more than one dog. To track more than one dog at a time, you must purchase additional collars with receivers. With this device, you can monitor any dog at any time.

Location Display

For standard use, SIM-enabled GPS collars are ideal where you can track your dog directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. More sophisticated models offer position viewing through various apps, using maps or directly from a walkie-talkie, which you’ll especially appreciate when used in more challenging environments.